Sealco Full System Warranty

Architect Pic 2.jpgThe Sealco Ltd full system warranty is a warranty that covers both membrane and workmanship on the complete installed waterproofing system by an approved Sealco Ltd installer. A single warranty that covers both the supply and install of our selected products.

Traditionally warranties are supplied separately from an installer and the supplier. Often, later on, when there is 

potentially an issue, there can be an uncertainty of responsibility between the installer and the supplier which can potentially create grief for the builder or construction owner.

Through a select group of our approved installers, Sealco Ltd is confident to back our product as well as the workmanship of the installer for the period as warranted.

Please find the brochure attached which will explain in further detail on how this system works and how to apply for a Sealco Ltd Full System Warranty.

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For the Sealco Full System Warranty, please find the following official process:

  1. Customer is to complete application online here
  2. Notice of receipt and further instructions will be sent to the applicant.
  3. You will be requested to send plans and specs for the approval from Sealco.
  4. Acceptance from Sealco in writing will be sent based on plans and specs received or request for amendments. Any future change in the plans or specifications must be notified to Sealco.
  5. The approved Sealco applicator is notified of obligations and is required to accept workmanship warranty terms.
  6. Invoice is sent to the main contractor for the cost of the warranty and to be paid prior to commencement of the project and the warranty process.
  7. Prestart inspection carried out by Sealco representative.
  8. Periodic inspections carried out if required.
  9. Final inspections carried out and remedial work completed before final sign off.
  10. Warranty information is put together by Sealco ready for signing.
  11. Workmanship warranty signed off by the approved applicator and sent to Sealco.
  12. The Sealco Full System Warranty is supplied on receipt of full payment to the applicator and to Sealco.

Please note:

  • The Sealco Full System Warranty is an added service by Sealco for material and labour for the period specified.  Sealco does not sign off any warranty documents supplied by other parties.
  • The Sealco Full System Warranty and the terms outlined in the Sealco Full System Warranty supersedes any other warranty document.
  • Our warranty terms and conditions are final.

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