Gripset Infrastructure

Gripset Pavement Protection Systems consist of high quality waterproofing, sealing, and re-surfacing products designed for trafficable asphalt and concrete pavements. Environmentally and user friendly, the Gripset range overcomes OHS and hazardous issues associated with traditional pavement products. Long term solutions provided for major primary and minor secondary roads; bridges; car parks, including suspended structures; airfields and airports; foot paths; bike lanes; sports surfaces; industrial flooring and expansion joint systems. The product list below provides an overview of the various product types offered along with specific product data. Simply click on the product information over on the right hand side and download your information, specifications or drawings. System Guidelines can be referred to for a range of waterproofing applications to help both the specifier and applicator.

Product categories below are part of the Gripset Systems, where products from different categories are used together for successful applications.

  • Crack and Joint Sealers
  • Primers and Vapour Barriers
  • Patching and Repair Compounds
  • Rejuvenation, Re-surfacers and Protective Coatings
  • Elastoproof Detailing

Elastoproof is a modern day innovation for waterproofing the most critical areas in the built environment, designed to detail volatile movement zones subject to expansion, vibration, flexing and thermal stresses. The Elastoproof detailing range and specialty products are designed to be used as part of the Gripset Systems for long term protection in a wide range of construction applications.

  • Expansion Joint Bands
  • Crack/Joint Sealing
  • Road and Culvert Sealing Tapes and Membranes
  • Tunnel Segment Sealing


Product Information

  • Gripset Manual

    Gripset Manual

    pdf PDF (6.90MB)

Crack & Joint Sealers

  • Gripset B26 PDS

    Gripset B26 PDS

    pdf PDF (0.31MB)

  • Gripset SB PDS

    Gripset SB PDS

    pdf PDF (0.25MB)

Mortar & Screeds

  • Gripset C-BED PDS

    Gripset C-BED PDS

    pdf PDF (1.46MB)

  • Gripset C-Plug PDS

    Gripset C-Plug PDS

    pdf PDF (0.28MB)
  • Gripset DM PDS

    Gripset DM PDS

    pdf PDF (0.18MB)

Elastoproof Detailing

  • Elastoproof Arc Membrane PDS

    Elastoproof Arc Membrane PDS

    pdf PDF (0.32MB)

  • Elastoproof Asphalt Crack Sealing Band PDS

    Elastoproof Asphalt Crack Sealing Band PDS

    pdf PDF (0.28MB)
  • Elastoproof Bitumen Road Tape PDS

    Elastoproof Bitumen Road Tape PDS

    pdf PDF (0.33MB)
  • Elastoproof XP Jointing Band PDS

    Elastoproof XP Jointing Band PDS

    pdf PDF (0.59MB)
  • Elastoproof XPX Jointing Band PDS

    Elastoproof XPX Jointing Band PDS

    pdf PDF (0.61MB)
  • Gripset 773 PDS

    Gripset 773 PDS

    pdf PDF (0.22MB)

Patching & Repair Compounds

  • Gripset B29 PDS

    Gripset B29 PDS

    pdf PDF (0.28MB)
  • Gripset CM PDS

    Gripset CM PDS

    pdf PDF (0.29MB)
  • Gripset Patchcrete PDS

    Gripset Patchcrete PDS

    pdf PDF (0.30MB)
  • Gripset Patchphalt PDS

    Gripset Patchphalt PDS

    pdf PDF (0.33MB)

Primers & Vapour Barriers

  • Gripset P10 PDS

    Gripset P10 PDS

    pdf PDF (0.33MB)

Rejuvenators, Re-Surfacers & Protective Coatings

MSDS Information

  • Gripset 51 MSDS - 2013

    Gripset 51 MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.15MB)

  • Gripset B09 MSDS - 2013

    Gripset B09 MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.16MB)

  • Gripset B26 MSDS - 2013

    Gripset B26 MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.16MB)

  • Gripset CBed MSDS - 2013

    Gripset CBed MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.23MB)

  • Gripset CPlug MSDS - 2013

    Gripset CPlug MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.23MB)

  • Gripset P10 MSDS - 2013

    Gripset P10 MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.16MB)

  • Gripset P17 MSDS - 2013

    Gripset P17 MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.14MB)

  • Gripset SB MSDS - 2013

    Gripset SB MSDS - 2013

    pdf PDF (0.16MB)

  • Gripset WB1 MSDS - 2014

    Gripset WB1 MSDS - 2014

    pdf PDF (0.22MB)

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