PolySEAL Polyurethane

PolySEAL is a polyurethane based waterproofing material. It is a single pack material that cures with atmospheric moisture. High quality liquid applied elastomeric coating.

  • Elastomeric / Flexible
  • Easy application
  • Crack bridging properties
  • High build
  • Resistant to water and UV
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Suitable for foot traffic or light vehicular traffic
  • Remains flexible in sub-zero conditions


Waterproofing of roof-tops, balconies and terraces. Waterproofing under tiles in bathrooms and balconies. Suitable for flat roof applications with ponding water providing the heavy duty application option is used.

PolySEAL is an ideal solution for re-roofing and remedial repairs on existing membrane roofs. Old membrane roofs can be easily re-coated and brought back to a new standard with minimal disturbance to the existing roof or structure.


Product Information

  • PolySEAL Brochure

    PolySEAL Brochure

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  • Kemseal S-80 Apr 2018

    Kemseal S-80 Apr 2018

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MSDS Information



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